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The man without fear

Murdock was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. From a young age he found a passion and escape in Hip-Hop, Comic Books, and Theatre. After graduating from Montclair State University in 2014 with a BA in Theatre Studies he made it his mission to combine his 3 passions and launched his music career with his debut sample based EP Anxiety. Nostalgia. Confidence.

After a successful launch, he immediately began work on his full length debut concept album #AAAH (Agoraphobic. Alcoholic. Asshole.). After 4 music videos and a year and a half of performing the intense theatrical set built around #AAAH Murdock began work on his follow-up record attempting to create a new sound and type of "concept album".

Shortly afterwards Murdock solidified his status in the New Jersey Hip-Hop scene by releasing his second album Rebirth in August 2018 to local acclaim. Tackling themes of gentrification, gun violence, love, and death, Murdock spoke his voice on topics important to him and his community.

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Album Cover by: Jason Stanley Morales

Album Cover by: Jason Stanley Morales


Murdock's 2018 sophomore album Rebirth was released to local acclaim along with another Album Release/Art Show featuring local acts from New Jersey Music Scene and a full art gallery displaying works from local visual artists.

The album plays is split into two sides Day and Night showcasing the positive and negative mind states tackling the same issues. From love and friendship to heartbreak and isolation, Rebirth explores the manic self destruction mind-state that many people find themselves in before looping back into itself to play infinitely in life's cycle.

Rebirth is available to stream everywhere now.

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#aaah was always meant to be more than an album

#AAAH (Agoraphobic. Alcoholic. Asshole.) is the debut full length album by Jersey City Hip-Hop/theatre artist Murdock. It is a concept album partnered with live theatrical performances showcasing Murdock's battle with anxiety and depression. It is meant to create an open dialogue about mental health and help break the negative stigma against it especially in the Hip-Hop Community.

Bringing his love for theatre and music together, Murdock partnered with No Dominion Theatre Co. to put together the album release show for #AAAH. It was an evening composed of a full length live performance of the album along with local visual, musical, and performance artists showcasing their work all while raising money for the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America).

#AAAH dropped on Murdock's 24th birthday, December 8th and put up the sold out album release event that Saturday, December 10th.

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